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Anti-Fracking Protest


As with all of his previous announced visits to our area since becoming governor, Cuomo was greeted by noisy anti-fracking activists.

Wednesday morning's crowd of over 50 fractivists were atop a grassy knoll across from the First Air hangar where Cuomo made his presentation. They're demanding that the governor scrap the current proposed fracking impact study and regulations and start over. They especially want more openness and public participation in the review of health consequences.

Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting helped organize the protest and says the movement is growing in momentum. Hang says, "A couple of years ago, there'd be 5 or 10 of us here. And you can see, it's just a huge crowd. These people have not gone to work, kids have not gone to school, I'm not at work. We're here to send that message to Governor Cuomo, don't allow fracking in a demonstration project in the Southern Tier unless it's safe for all New Yorkers."

Governor Cuomo told us that the decision on whether to allow fracking or not will be based on facts, not emotion. He also says he understands the controversy. Cuomo says, "It's a big issue, big decision, big consequences on both sides. We want to make sure that we are thorough, we want to make sure that we have all the facts and do all the research and that's exactly what we are doing. We have a great team of government professionals, outside experts making sure that we have all the information and all the facts."

Cuomo says there is no timeline for making a decision. A group of fracking supporters gathered outside of BAE where Cuomo visited after leaving the airport.

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