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Coalition Letter To Governor Cuomo Requests Termination of DEC Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal as well as a Restart of SGEIS Proceeding

November 28, 2012

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you require your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to: a) terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort by not submitting any request for a 90-day extension and b) restart its Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) proceeding to allow public participation in formulating your Department of Health’s (DOH) proposed “health impact analysis” review.

DOH’s review is critically important because DEC has said that no Final SGEIS will be adopted until the review is completed. It is essential that DOH’s review be comprehensive, open, transparent and involve full public participation.

Public Comment for DOH Review Essential

To date, your administration has not published a single word about the proposed DOH review. As a result, the public has no idea about the scope of the review or how it would be conducted.

We believe the best way to address this unacceptable shortcoming is to reopen the SGEIS proceeding to allow public comment about how DEC and DOH should undertake the review. After both agencies have reviewed those comments, a final review proposal can be adopted.

Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking Proceeding

You stated publicly that DEC's proposed rulemaking proceeding will not meet its 11/29/12 deadline. It has been reported that a revised rulemaking proposal is about to be initiated by DEC as part of a 90-day extension of that proceeding.

It would be entirely inappropriate to continue DEC's shale gas rulemaking proposal while the DOH health impact analysis review is incomplete. To do so would call into question the integrity of DOH’s review as well as DEC’s rulemaking proceeding.

Good Science Imperative to DOH Review

It is imperative for all the physicians, scientists, academic researchers, elected officials, citizens and other interested parties who have expressed grave concerns about the SGEIS's inadequate health impact analysis to be allowed to comment publicly on how the DOH review must be conducted in order to be based on “good science.”

DOH Review Must Investigate Documented Gas Extraction Problems

DOH’s review of the SGEIS’ “health impact analysis” will help determine whether shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. Given the importance of that decision, we believe the review must investigate drinking water contamination, gas drilling wastewater dumping, unplugged gas wells and other public health hazards documented by DEC's own records as well as by local health departments in the areas of New York where gas drilling has been prevalent.


In conclusion, we believe that New York’s existing shale gas fracking moratorium must be maintained until all public health and environmental concerns associated with the proposed practice have been fully resolved.

In order to achieve that goal, we request that you require DEC to terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort and restart the SGEIS proceeding to allow public participation in formulating the proposed “health impact analysis” review.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to receiving your timely reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 2972

Nancy Lipshitz
321 Oquaga Lake Road
Deposit, NY
Laurel Koster
7599 NY Rt 79
Whitney Point, NY
susan straight
5539 bower rd
trumansburg, ny
karen morean
8006 CR 153
Interlaken, NY
Rachel Lodder
1045 Trumbulls corners Rd.
Newfield, NY
ed moloney
10 deer lake road
windsor, ny
Clyde Zaloudek
431 E. 12 Street #1B
New York, NY
Jorge Cuevas
1107 Triphammer Road
Ithaca, NY
Samuel Warren
155 Union Avenue, Apt 311
Rutherford, NJ
Corinne Frantz PhD
1 Strawberry Lane
Ithaca, NY
Barbara Harrison
510 Ellis Hollow Creek Road
Ithaca, NY
Susan Rapalee
135 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, New York
Rebecca Elgie
Co Chair
409 Linn St
Uthaca, NY
erika espinal
33 Indian Rd #2G
New York, NY
Debra Lewis
, NY
Jay Roelof
, New York
James Nicoll Mr.
28 Georgetown Lane
Fairport, NY
Joe Romano
, NY
Timothy Greenberg
182 Rhodes Road
Hancock, NY
Joseph Cortese
11 Water Street
Homer, NY
Jill Marie
, New York
Kathleen and Bruce Brand
2 hard-working taxpayers
N. Babylon, N.Y.
warren marr
739 Oquaga Lake road
Deposit, NY
Marilyn Wienk Dr.
Board Member
274 Rosedale Street
Rochester, New York
Mark Hado
670 Valley View Road
Halcottsville, NY
David Heck
310 E. Court St.
Ithaca, New York
Alex Lyakhov
Oneonta, NY
catherine nolan
--, ny
Josh Farrell
, NY
Gloria Betlem MFA
6414 s lima rd
livonia, ny
Jonathan Frankel
530 Hudson Street
Ithaca, NY
Joy Weber R.N., L.M.T.
311 Bailor Rd
Brooktondale, NY
Kim Felter Canarelli
245 Buttermilk Falls Road
New Berlin, NY
Jeanne Rose
14 Chapin Street
Binghamton, New York
Sharon Goodman
350 West 51st Street #4J
New York, NY
Jilliam Rejman
53 Grant Street
Auburn, New York
Terry Kristensen
104 Woodcrest Terrace
Ithaca, NY
J. Sullivan
601 N. Cayuga St.
Ithaca, New York
Bruce McLear
205 Barrington St.
Rochester, NY
Neil Freson
, NY
Andrew Minnig Mr.
Vice President
1402 County Highway 50
Cherry Valley, N Y
Cara Brownell
1801 Dorchester Rd., #1-D
Brooklyn, NY
Stuart Greenfield
, New York
Mary Lee
Trumansburg, NY
Lydian Green
, Massachusetts 02066
Michelle Lyon
1032 East Windsor Rd
Nineveh, NY
Clayton Smith
162 Peakville Rd
East Branch, NY
Chelsea Mozen
Cold Spring, NY
Susan Kyser
113 Nelson Road
Ithaca, NY
John Cockburn
236 E Fairview Ave
Altoona, PA
harold kugelmass PhD
P.O.Box 264
Interlaken, New York
Helen Kimball-Brooke
653 Sinclair Drive
Sarasota, FL
Tony Henderson
225 Rachel Carson Way
ITHACA, New York
Larri Richmond CCH
1139 Ellis Hollow Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Linda and Russell Keeler
719 N Aurora St
Ithaca, NY
Donald Carpenter
17 Industrial Street
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Dietmar Jaeck
407 Gulf Rd
Hartwick, New York
Jane Welsh Esq.
7676 McCormick Road
Hamilton, NY
Lisa Ripperton
PO Box 3418
Chapel Hill, NC
Nicholas Russo Esq.
510 East 86 Street
New York, NY
Clare Greene
1031 Taughannock Blvd.
Ithaca, NY
Rita Bergen
949 West End Ave., #1C
New York, NY
john miller
professor emeritus
, new york
Duane Diviney
239 Valley Road
Ithaca, NY
James Krivo MD
8 Bayview Avenue
Beacon, New York
Stephen Harvey
Bentpine Drive
Raleigh, NC
david cromwell burrow mr
125 1/2 17th ave. SE
Olympia, WA
Richard Lazarus
63 Howland Rd.
Spencer, NY
John Somers Esq.
89 Reynold Street
City Island, New York
Kelly Makosch
98 Gunderman Rd
Ithaca, NY New York
Joseph Wetmore
115 E State Street
Ithaca, NY
Virginia Brooks PhD
170 West End Avenue
New York, NY
Rita Philpott
PO Box 146
Brackney, PA
Martin Jorgensen
407 Main Street Apt 2
Freeville, NY
Joanne Mitchell Ph.D.
169 Black Walnut Dr.
Rochester, NY
Margery Pask
317 W. State Street
Ithaca, NY
Risa Sokolsky
302 Van Ostrand Road
Newfield, NY
Jeffrey Dembowski
335 State Street
Albany, NY
thomas driscoll
329 hoose road
cherry valley, NY
John & Celia Bowers
1406 Trumansburg Road
Ithaca, NY
Robert Warfield
4B1 Candlewyck Drive
Ithaca, NY
Carol Bayles
209 Utica St
Ithaca, NY
Roger Jones
578 Engleville Rd
Sharon Springs, NY
Hilary Lambert Ph.D.
1676 Hanshaw Road
Ithaca, New York
Vincent Jones
2 Northern Blvd
Germantown, NY
Holland Gregg
Executive Director
PO Box 689
Skaneateles , New York
Judi Hall
PO Box 657
Naples, NY
Margaret Vogel
6145 railroad Ave
Hector, NY
Bear Boel
elaine jurumbo
205 e 78 st apt 6s
new york, ny
Judith Eda
228 Rachel Carson Way
Ithaca, NY
kathleen macclellan
po box 412
union springs, New York
thomas warner
2513 brookview road
castleton, new york 12033
Mark Shenstone
123 buck hill rd s
trumansburg, ny
KC Ellis
2140 Long Creek Road
Apalachin, New York
Christopher Proctor
24th St
Astoria, NY
Aimee Arceo MLA
77 Cheshire Lane
East Amherst, NY
Pat Dinges
P.O. Box 240
Salt Point, NY
Amy Durland
33 Lakewood Drive
Saratoga Springs, NY
Miriam Rice
4396 Krum's Corners Road
Trumansburg, NY
Ronald Krieg
614 S. Plain St.
Ithaca, NY
Patricia Welch
27 North Street
Camillus, NY
Caryn Spector
6 Nottingham Dr
Ithaca, NY