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Coalition Letter To Governor Cuomo Requests Termination of DEC Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal as well as a Restart of SGEIS Proceeding

November 28, 2012

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you require your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to: a) terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort by not submitting any request for a 90-day extension and b) restart its Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) proceeding to allow public participation in formulating your Department of Health’s (DOH) proposed “health impact analysis” review.

DOH’s review is critically important because DEC has said that no Final SGEIS will be adopted until the review is completed. It is essential that DOH’s review be comprehensive, open, transparent and involve full public participation.

Public Comment for DOH Review Essential

To date, your administration has not published a single word about the proposed DOH review. As a result, the public has no idea about the scope of the review or how it would be conducted.

We believe the best way to address this unacceptable shortcoming is to reopen the SGEIS proceeding to allow public comment about how DEC and DOH should undertake the review. After both agencies have reviewed those comments, a final review proposal can be adopted.

Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking Proceeding

You stated publicly that DEC's proposed rulemaking proceeding will not meet its 11/29/12 deadline. It has been reported that a revised rulemaking proposal is about to be initiated by DEC as part of a 90-day extension of that proceeding.

It would be entirely inappropriate to continue DEC's shale gas rulemaking proposal while the DOH health impact analysis review is incomplete. To do so would call into question the integrity of DOH’s review as well as DEC’s rulemaking proceeding.

Good Science Imperative to DOH Review

It is imperative for all the physicians, scientists, academic researchers, elected officials, citizens and other interested parties who have expressed grave concerns about the SGEIS's inadequate health impact analysis to be allowed to comment publicly on how the DOH review must be conducted in order to be based on “good science.”

DOH Review Must Investigate Documented Gas Extraction Problems

DOH’s review of the SGEIS’ “health impact analysis” will help determine whether shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. Given the importance of that decision, we believe the review must investigate drinking water contamination, gas drilling wastewater dumping, unplugged gas wells and other public health hazards documented by DEC's own records as well as by local health departments in the areas of New York where gas drilling has been prevalent.


In conclusion, we believe that New York’s existing shale gas fracking moratorium must be maintained until all public health and environmental concerns associated with the proposed practice have been fully resolved.

In order to achieve that goal, we request that you require DEC to terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort and restart the SGEIS proceeding to allow public participation in formulating the proposed “health impact analysis” review.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to receiving your timely reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 2972

Stephanie Divo
501 Utica Street
Ithaca, NY
Vince Natale
18 Van De bogart Road
Woodstock, NY
june barwick
po box 335
cherry valley, ny
Marc Pritsky
11 Front Street
Nyack, NY
caleb kime
9399 west hill road
fillmore, new york
Diana Souza
227 Willard Way
Ithaca, NY
Paulina Pavinski Bitar
Ithaca, NY
Grant Ritchie
Portland, OR
Sandra Salisbury
132 Peakville Rd.
East Branch, New York
Barbara S. Ramsdell
107 Orchard Hill Road
Elmira, New York
Nancy Donnan Coleman RNBSN
4690 white Road
Livonia, NY
Leslie Ihde
6 Winding Lane
Vestal, NY
Moe Bickweat Town Council Member Mendon
7 Sibleyville Lane
Honeoye Falls, New York
Barbara Lester RN
108 Nelson Frank rd
Deposit, NY
Yosef Bronsnick PE
Senior Engineer
Ithaca, NY
tim wolcott mr
13 marlayne dr
johnson city, ny
Judith Smith
138 Pike Hill Road
South Plymouth, NY
Susan Titus
222 THe Commons
Ithaca, New York
Robert Brown
3972 Oak St
Keuka Park, NY
david kenny
Oneonta, NY
Kathy Pitcher
8 Center St
Manchester, NY
Libbie Botting
56 Bromley Road
Pittsford, New York
David Gallahan PhD
511 Spencer Rd
Ithaca, NY
Leigh Anne Keener
Morgantown, WV
Gretchen Pingel
166 Midland Avenue
Bronxville, NY
Robert Finger
Jordie van Ham
Ithaca, New York
Greg Kramer
52 Cayuga St
Trumansburg, NY
Martin Korn MD, FAAOS, FACS
71 Hillary Ln
Penfield, NY
Beth Westbrook RN
canandaigua, NY
Robert Lidsky
Andes, NY
Theresa Ryan
Jeffrey Juran
22 Langford St
Van Etten, New York
Arthur Scott
6 Andrea Dr
Poughkeepsie, NY
Marie Dartt-Bentley
PO Box 65
Cameron Mills, NY
Pat Joyce
626 Fox Run Lane
Carmel, NY
Jim Travers
587A Blodgett Hill Road
Ravena, New York
Dale Hardman
235 3rd St, Unit 6
Jersey City, NJ
Kim Michels
Afton, ny
Jessica Puglisi
124 Warren Street Apartment 4
Hudson, New York
Dr Reverend Ellen Sokolow DR. Reverend
Franklin, NY
John Humphries
117 Hopkins Road
Ithaca, New York
Charlotte Podolsky PhD
4 Spring Hollow
Roslyn, NY
Brian Williams
Ionia, New York
Joel Brown
Marathon, NEW YORK
Tracey Stenros
Greene, NY
Kris Pixton
312 Bradley Corners Rd
Madison, CT - Connecticut
Leigh Melander Ph.D.
Andes, NY
Patricia Stoiko R.N.
19 Washington St.
Trumansburg, N.Y.
Bonnie Leigh
Fillmore, NY
Fred Wilcox Professor
Associate Professor
212 Second
ithaca, NY
Sheryl Humphrey
Staten Island, NY
Gregory Sullivan MD
New York, NY
cora ellen luke
ithaca, NY
Jan Sturdevant
Syracuse, New York
Cecilie Bodnar Ms.
291 N. Pearl St.
Canandaigua, NY
Carroll Wilcox
3154 E. Cedarbush Dr
Canandaigua, New York
Reinaldo Pizarro
14 Hanford Ave
Scottsville, New York
Scott Hamilton
Ithaca, NY
marilyn gold
Hamden, NY
Yvonne Tasker-Rothenberg
5211 Hook Circle
Jamesville, NY
Michael Ferro MA
Endwell, NY
Rachel Muto
Newark, NY
Umit Sirt P.E.
110 South Albany St.
Ithaca, NY
tamara barrows
3259 Phillips Road
Marathon, NY
Esther Sullivan LCSW-R
109 Millard Hill Rd.
Newfield, NY
Beth Garver-Beha
3745 East Ave
Roc, New York
Heidi Nickisher
Rochester, New York
Angie Weheliye
336 Echo Rd.
Vestal, NY
Jeanne Jensch
342 Pratt Road
Norwich, NY
AJ Weheliye
336 Echo Road
Vestal, NY
Meg Montgomery
Livingston Manor, NY
Carol Geisler PhD
New york, NY
Karen Catalano M.Ed.
1264 via yezzi
Binghamton, NY
Richard Franke Ph.D.
129 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
Ithaca, NY
Florence Carnahan
5626 State Highway 51
Burlington Flats, NY
George D. Catalano Ph.D.
1264 via yezzi
Binghamton, NY
Sam Stenros
Greene, NY
andy meigs
343 cooley lake road
norwich, ny
Sam Rosato
1009 Ford Road
Vestal, New York
Sally Jones
8 Chase Street
Worcester, new York
Elaine sperbeck
618 E. Monroe street
Little Falls, New York
james mchale
patchogue, ny
Nathaniel Posner
1432 County Highway 8
Otego, NY
Barbara Elovic
96 Schermerhorn Street, Apt 6A
Brooklyn, NY
Robert Kornblum Esq.
Southern Tier Hydrofracking Coordinator
133 Chapin St.
Binghamton, New York
Philippa Strahm
80 W. Baltimore Ave., Apt. C-17
Lansdowne, PA
Ron Bernhardt
Box 234
Youngsville, N.Y.
Asa Redmond
184 N. Applegate Road
Ithaca, New York
Barbara Coman Ph.D.
P.O. Box 808
Ithaca, NY
jan schwartzberg
117 cascadilla street
Ithaca, my
Rebecca Heller-Steinberg
3 Margaret St
Binghamton, NY
Richard Gebel
384 Chapin Trail
White Lake, NY
Tish Pearlman
141 West Haven Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Mark Lenzenweger PhD
Distinguished Professor
420 Utica Street
Ithaca, NY
Andi Gladstone
Executive Director
1042 Comfort Road
Spencer, New York
Elizabeth Kelley
91 Central Park West #2C
New York, NY
Rick Bonney MPS
357 Decker Hill Road
Newfield, NY
Cornelia Wathen
24 Woodland Road
Stone Ridge, NY
Beth Ellen Clark Joseph PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
926 Steam Mill Road
Ithaca, NY
Michele Sheldon
829 Rockhaven Road
Penn Yan, NY
William Hecht
PO Box 86
Union Springs, NY
Martha Fischer
772 Bostwick Rd
Ithaca, NY
Cornelia Farnum DVM, PhD
Professor emerita
361 White Church Road
Brooktondale, New York
Andrew Slusar
160 Midline Rd
Slaterville Springs, NY