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Coalition Letter To Governor Cuomo Requests Termination of DEC Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal as well as a Restart of SGEIS Proceeding

November 28, 2012

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you require your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to: a) terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort by not submitting any request for a 90-day extension and b) restart its Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) proceeding to allow public participation in formulating your Department of Health’s (DOH) proposed “health impact analysis” review.

DOH’s review is critically important because DEC has said that no Final SGEIS will be adopted until the review is completed. It is essential that DOH’s review be comprehensive, open, transparent and involve full public participation.

Public Comment for DOH Review Essential

To date, your administration has not published a single word about the proposed DOH review. As a result, the public has no idea about the scope of the review or how it would be conducted.

We believe the best way to address this unacceptable shortcoming is to reopen the SGEIS proceeding to allow public comment about how DEC and DOH should undertake the review. After both agencies have reviewed those comments, a final review proposal can be adopted.

Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking Proceeding

You stated publicly that DEC's proposed rulemaking proceeding will not meet its 11/29/12 deadline. It has been reported that a revised rulemaking proposal is about to be initiated by DEC as part of a 90-day extension of that proceeding.

It would be entirely inappropriate to continue DEC's shale gas rulemaking proposal while the DOH health impact analysis review is incomplete. To do so would call into question the integrity of DOH’s review as well as DEC’s rulemaking proceeding.

Good Science Imperative to DOH Review

It is imperative for all the physicians, scientists, academic researchers, elected officials, citizens and other interested parties who have expressed grave concerns about the SGEIS's inadequate health impact analysis to be allowed to comment publicly on how the DOH review must be conducted in order to be based on “good science.”

DOH Review Must Investigate Documented Gas Extraction Problems

DOH’s review of the SGEIS’ “health impact analysis” will help determine whether shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. Given the importance of that decision, we believe the review must investigate drinking water contamination, gas drilling wastewater dumping, unplugged gas wells and other public health hazards documented by DEC's own records as well as by local health departments in the areas of New York where gas drilling has been prevalent.


In conclusion, we believe that New York’s existing shale gas fracking moratorium must be maintained until all public health and environmental concerns associated with the proposed practice have been fully resolved.

In order to achieve that goal, we request that you require DEC to terminate its shale gas rulemaking effort and restart the SGEIS proceeding to allow public participation in formulating the proposed “health impact analysis” review.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to receiving your timely reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 2972

Ronald Allen
P.O. Box 142
Peru, New York
Erica Crytzer
8202 Route 96
Interlaken, NY
Sharon Johnson
258 Van Brunt St #3
Brooklyn , NY
Nina Widger
1642 Slaterville Rd
Ithaca, New York
Sharon Gendreau
3829 Federal Rd
Livonia, NY
Susanna Schmitz
842 Canaday Hill Road
Berne, NY
Jeremy Crytzer
8202 Route 96
Interlaken, NY
Paul Sternberger
247 West 101st Street
New York, New York
Debra Flanagan
1011 University Avenue, Apt. 30
Rochester, NY
Gerald Wolfe
474 Snyder Hill Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Sasha Herbert
276 Cypress St.
Rochester, NY
Florence Hagenaers
9425 Shore Rd 3C
Brooklyn, NY
Otto Butz
486 Burrillo Rd
Maryland, New York
Joyce Hunt
4021 Italy Hill Rd.
Branchport, NY
Danielle Mericle
105 First Street
Ithaca, NY
Sam Heartwood MS
Steering Committee Member
484 Bailor Rd.
Brooktondale, NY
John Given
118 Lieb Rd.
S. New Berlin, New York 13843-3166
Kelly Morris PhD
90 Lieb Rd.
Spencer, New York
Mark Roth
106 Smith Rd
Worcester, NY
Paul Tantillo
22 Rodenbeck Place
Rochester, NY
Mark Wenderlich
4129 Onnalinda Dr.
Canandaigua, New York
Joseph Gillam
205 W Buffalo st
Ithaca, NY
Delores Bennett RN
PO Box 556
Unadilla, NY
Jonathan Fabricant
385 Tenth Street
Brooklyn,, NY
The Rev. Nancy Lane M.Div, Ph.D.
Rev. Mother
186 Bower Rd
Elmira, NY
mary ann zeppetello, LCSW
121 Summerhaven Dr.
East Syracuse, NY
John Bennett
PO Box 556
Unadilla, NY
Stephen Dungan
404 Granton MOuntain Road
Walton, NY
Crista Shopis LEED AP
312 Lake Ave
Ithaca, NY
Anne ProudFire
658 Seward St.
Rochester, NY
William Mehl PhD
53 Strawberry Lane
Westerl, NY
Stuart McCarty
632 Tunnel Rd
Tunnel, NY
Heather Moran RN
522 Long Acre Rd
Rochester, NY
ames adamson
329 cty hwy 22
west exeter, New York
Gene Polito
45 Shady Rest Dr
Sag Harbor, NY
Walter Aikman PhD
17 Liberty Street
Auburn, NY
William Elsey
107 Bartlett Road
Cooperstown, NY
Polly Wood MFA
136 Seven Mile Dr. #64
Ithaca, NEW YORK
Martha Bremer
498 County Highway 5
Otego, New York
Ken Baer
91 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Rick White
2614 Grandview Place
Endicott, NY
Brad Edmondson
PO Box 924
Ithaca, NY
Martha and Joseph Wilson Esq,
75 Hunt Hill
Ithaca, NY
John Carnahan
5626 State Hwy 51
Burlington Flats, New York
Marsha Lipshitz
428 East 77th Street, #4A
New York, NY
Beth Jelsma Ph.D.
75 Newcastle Rd
Rochester, NY
Anne-Claire Fisher Dr.
2347 Johnson rd.
Olean, NY
Greg Wooster MS
9 TownLine Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
jesse kline ma
assistant director
165 van anden street
auburn, new york
Lynne Stewart
225 Viscount Drive
Rochester, NY
Nancy Brienza-Duffy BS, MS Ed
1697 St Hwy 220
McDonough, NY
charles bosco Esq.
MORRIS, New York (NY)
Charles Gates
511 Peck Rd.
Spencerport, NY
Heriberto Rodriguez
533 County HWY 18
Mount Upton, New York
peg schadt
165 Myrtle Ave
Johnson City, NY
Carol Mulligan RN, IBCLC
163 Sibley Rd
Honeoye Falls,, NY
Isaac Silberman-Gorn
291 Clinton Street
Binghamton, New York
Edgar Brown BFA, MST
7120 CR 34
Naples, NY
Gina Keel
SIDNEY, NY - New York
Daniel Hill
Sacandaga Rd.
Scotia, NY
BellaDonna Iodice
24 Kencrest Dr.
Rochester, NY
Kandice DeBeau
30 Plymouth Ave.
Buffalo, New York
Catherine Wagner PhD
1665 Ellis Hollow Road
Ithaca, NY
Dawn Meland
3596 Fruit Avenue
Medina, NY
Ellen Davis
467 Decatur Avenue
Florian Reyda
Assistant Professor
15 Otsdawa Avenue
Otego, New York
Ron Guzman
56 Borinquen
Brooklyn, New York
Kimberly Fellman
205 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
Renee Baum
6 Elm Street
Brooktondale, New York
Patricia Missell
1482 Ridge Rd
Webster, NY
Lynn and Andy Marsh and Minnig
P.O.Box 147
Cherry Valley, NY
Mary Brackett
4151 Friend Road, Penn Yan, New York 14527
Penn Yan, New York 14527
Roy Bartoo EdD.
103 Woodview Lane
Morris, New York
Anne Klingensmith
41 Muzzy Road
Ithaca, NY
ronald palmer
p.O. Box 89
south Plymouth, ny
Bridget McFadden
85 Java F8
Brooklyn, NY
Serena Farhi
141 E. 89th t. 3D
New York, NY
Joel Wysong Ph.D.
2675 Agard Road
Trumansburg, New York (NY)
patricia Wood
Executive Director
52 Main Street
Port Washington, NY
Mark Wienand
4229 swamp college rd
Trumansburg, NY
Shirley Rice
3467 South Hill Road
Burdett, NY
Bill Maier
51 Dewey Avenue
Fairport, NY
Nancy Miller RN, CNM, PA-C
501 Midline Road
Freeville, NY
Stacey McNeill
201 East Yates Street
Ithaca, NY
Michael Gruszka
3 Londonderry Lane
Owego, New York
Beverly Blad
2535 Pulver Rd.
Branchport, New York
Ralph McGrew
9 Hickory Road
Binghamton, NY
Linda Hanna
330 Newcastle Road
Rochester, NY
Eugene Marner
1245 Oak Hill Road
Franklin, NY
Orysia Tunick
41 Azalea Drive
Apalachin, NY
Barbara Boyce
94 Percy Rd
Churchville, NY
Marjorie Christenson
28 Spaulding Hill Rd
Owego, New York
Chuck Baxtrer
Taugh. Blvd.
Ithaca, New York
Catherine Bileti
991 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, New York
Ellen McCoy
Rochester, NY
Gina Taravella
2 Tower Rd
Hopewell JCT, New York
Patricia Beer
81 Swift St.
Auburn, NY
John Coleman
75 Turkey Hill Road
Ithaca, NY
cassandra brown ms
108 county highway 10
morris , new york
william Roberts
253 Coddington Rd
Ithaca, NY
lisa silver
20 Sullivan Road
North Salem, NY
John and Connie Patterson
255 Park Settlement Rd.
Owego, NY
Frances LaBarre
216 W. 89th St.
New York, NY
Karen Given
118 Lieb Rd.
South New Berlin, NY