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4-25-2016 - Thank You excerpts for Constitution/NED Pipeline Victories

Fractivists sent some very kind thank-you notes regarding our successful efforts to kill the Constitution and Northeast Energy Direct (NEC) pipelines. These notes of gratitude should be shared among everyone who helped with those victories. Thank you for all of your assistance.

KP wrote:

· DP wrote:
Walter Hang, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you have done to help us undertake this project!! We are thrilled (for now). We could never have accomplished this without your skillful documents and keeping us on top of the ongoing actions that were "behind the scenes" for most of us. Much of our success is due to your prodding and pushing us. You have our immense gratitude! To a fossil free future!

· MS wrote:
Dear Walter Hang,
The subject of your email, "Cuomo Administration Fulfills Our Requests to Deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for . . . ." just blew me away. I read all of it -- your news, the latest letters to Cuomo, the press release, the entire DEC denial letter (yikes, what detail!) -- and feel pleased and renewed. What absolutely terrific news. Many thanks for being the perfect leader you are -- encouraging, down-to-earth, and always ready with the next action for us to take. I bet you are smiling a big smile. Many thanks to you and your staff. Kudos all around.
Until "more about that shortly" . . . .
Very truly yours,

· E R wrote:
Dear Walter,
Thank you for your tireless efforts to reach out to involve so many to stop the Constitution Pipeline. I have followed your lead and called the Governor’s office regularly. This is one more step in the right direction. Truly a wonderful gift for Earth Day. Again, thank you!

Thank You WALTER for Your Stupendous Hard Work, Grit and Persistence!

You are Going to Go Down in History as
a Real Committed Human Being!

· SS wrote:
I'm thrilled and so excited.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


· TW wrote:
What a great Earth Day event!

· P D wrote:
YOU deserve the BIG pat on the back.
Thank you from the bottom oh my heart.

· E wrote:
WALTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· ML wrote:
And thank YOU, Walter. Your tireless work is appreciated.

· KD wrote:
Hi Walter -
Congratulations and many thanks!
Your relentless efforts help bring results in Albany and keep issues which matter "top of mind" for those who care about our environment.
We all owe you great gratitude.
All the best -

· WH wrote:
Thanks Walter for your help with this.

· C D wrote:

· KG wrote:
BIG CONGRATS! Now help us stop this VGS pipeline in Vermont.....please!!!

· CC wrote:
Congrats, Walter!

· LS wrote:
Walter, huge congratulations on this historic win. And how sweet a victory to arrive on Earth day. It brings us ever closer to making every day Earth day! Thanks for all you do.

· M wrote:
Unbelievable! We all owe you thanks.

· R A S F wrote:
Talk about a teeny fig leaf. Whoa.

LOL! Thanks for your work, Walter.
Helps make up for the fasttrack energy bill...

· MA wrote:
congratulations and thank you again and again!!!!!

· JC wrote:
Congratulations, Walter. We owe a lot to your relentless energy in pursuing these issues.

· RA wrote:
I'd like to add a shout-out to Walter Hang at Toxics Targeting for his relentless pursuit of the facts - and making sure that Albany gets the message loud & clear!

· MD wrote:
Kudos to you, Walter!