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New Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo: Oppose a Possible Southern Tier Fracking Demonstration Project and Require Full Enforcement of Executive Order No. 41

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you take immediate action to fulfill the mandates specified by Executive Order No. 41. We ask you to:

1) Withhold issuance of shale gas drilling permits for any demonstration project in Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties, or any other areas of New York. The Executive Order requires that "pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS [Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, not in the original]..."

2) Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS in order to expand its scope to address a) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) hydraulic fracturing recently proposed for 135,000 acres in Tioga County and b) New York State mortgage lending programs involving properties with gas and oil leases. These two issues are not analyzed "comprehensively" by the Revised Draft SGEIS. As a result, your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) cannot "ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act..."

3) Require DEC to provide a report on "the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment." That report is mandated "subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period..."

Executive Order No. 41

As one of your first official acts as Governor, you signed an official "continuation" of Executive Order No. 41:

Highlighted below are the key provisions of the Executive Order referenced by our requests:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Paterson, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order as follows:

1) The Department shall complete its review of the public comments, make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), other provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and other laws, and ensures (stet) that adequate regulatory measures are identified to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added);

2) On or about June 1, 2011, the Department shall publish a Revised Draft SGEIS, accept public comment on the revisions for a period of not less than thirty days, and may schedule public hearings on such revisions to be conducted in the Marcellus shale region and New York City; and

3) Recognizing that, pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS, the Department, subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period, shall report to the Governor on the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added).


In conclusion, you have gained national renown as a champion of equal rights for all New Yorkers. That is why we request that you afford all New Yorkers equal protection from horizontal hydrauic fracturing hazards. Shale gas extraction must not be allowed in the Southern Tier or any other areas of New York until it is safe for all areas of our state, including the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

With that goal in mind, the status report mandated by the Executive Order would allow the public to know prior to the adoption of a Final SGEIS precisely how DEC would fully resolve the 40 pages of detailed technical comments submitted by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as well as the 17 critical shortcomings documented in the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS coalition letter with more than 22,000 signatories.

See: ; and

Until there is a consensus among local, state and federal government authorities as well as potentially impacted parties that these concerns have been fully resolved, we request that you maintain New York's horizontal hydraulic fracturing moratorium.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 3078

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Walter Hang
215 North Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY
matthew ryan
Mayor of City of Binghamton, juris doctor, & adjunct prof of env law for 10 years at Binghamton University
38 hawley st fourth floor
binghamton, n.y.
catherine nolan
6105 grove street
ridgewood, new york
Pam Mackesey
Tompkins County Legislature
323 Pleasant St.
Ithaca, New York
Steven Smolen
5599 Round Schoolhouse Road
Hector, New York
George Damasevitz
4232 Marietta Drive
Vestal, NY
Shirley Musson
PO Box 346
Gilbertsville, NY
Joyce Hunt
4021 Italy Hill Rd.
Branchport, NY
Sean Zigmund
64 Mineral Springs Rd.
Livingston Manor, NY
John Cisne Ph.D.
Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
27 N. Landon Road
Ithaca, NY
Ken Deschere
202 South Hill Terrace
Ithaca, NY
Jane Russell
Town of Pulteney Supervisor
8947 roff Hilkl Road
Pulteney, NY
Donald McFarlAnd PhD
3434 CR 9
Buffett, NY
Steven Jonas MD
PO Box 843
East Setauket, NY
Kristin Lovelace-Ross MS, MA
Owner, 'What's Good for You?'
xx Waterburg Road
Trumansburg, NY
Susanne McNally PhD
Dean of William Smith College
490 S Main St
Geneva, NY
Richard Driscoll
166 Main Street
Newfield, NY, New York
Robert Oswald PhD
Professor of Molecular Medicine
1225 Hinging Post Rd.
Ithaca, NY
john miller
professor emeritus
298 bald hill road
brookktondale, NY
Robert Howarth Ph.D.
4124 Reynolds Road
Trumansburg, NY
Marlene Barken Esq.
125 Genung Circle
Ithaca, New York
Tish Pearlman
141 Westhaven Rd.
Ithaca, New York
Gerri Wiley RN
Petition Coordinator
19 Lake Street
Owego, NY
Monte Mccollum
677 Halsey valley rd Barton my 13734
Barton, Ny
Jay Williams PhD
7253 College Hill Rd.
Clinton, NY
Leslie Heywood PhD
513 S. Benita Blvd.
Vestal, NY
Dene Karaus
4250 Windwood Rd
Tyrone, NY
Rev. Theresa Mae Johnson
PO Box 444
Port Crane, New York
Stanley Salthe Dr.
Professor Emeritus
42 Laurel Bank Avenue
DEposit, New York
Bendicht Oauli DVM/PhD-Professor Emeritus Coirnell University
Professor Emeritus
474 Bailor Road
Brooktoindale, NY
David Herzberg PhD
27 Ashland Ave
Buffalo, NY
Mark F. Lenzenweger PhD
Distinguished Professor
420 Utica Street
Ithaca, NY
Ann Boehm
280 Speed Hill Road
Brooktondale, New York
Art Hunt
4021 Italy Hill Rd.
Branchport, NY
Louis Damiani
5810 Walsh Rd
Hector, Ny
Suzannah Glidden
PO Box 484
Bedford, NY
Sarah Ousley
PO Box 6828
ithaca, New York
Alicia Alexander
Owner, Hostess & Trainer
136 Hunt Hill Road
Ithaca, New York
Larry Beck
12 Dug Rd
Lansing, New York
michael ashkin
Assistant Professor
117 elmwood ave.
ithaca, NY
steve gordon
110 overlook rd.
Ithaca, N.Y.
Mary Lee Martens EdD
Board President
4356 Cosmos Hill Road
Cortland, NY
James Goldstein
Town Supervisor
5504 South Lebanon Road Earlville NY 13332
Earlville , New York
Sarah Rosenstein PhD
Adjunct Professor of Environmental Chemistry
6971 Reservoir Rd.
Clinton, NY
Donald Gregorius Ulster County Legislator
Legislator District 23
172 Van Dale Rd.
Woodstock, NY
Scott MacDonald Ph.D.
5 Sherman Street
New Hartford, NY
Adelaide Gomer
513 Wyckoff Road
Ithaca, New York
Sandra Steingraber PhD
Distinguished Scholar in Residence
14 Bradley Street
Trumansburg, NY
Karen Glauber
117 Rock Rd
Vestal, NY
Elaine Perkus
1617 State Route 12
Binghamton, NY
Benjamin Perkus Ph.D.
Board Member
1617 State Route 12
Binghamton, NY
Isaac Silberman-Gorn
Executive Director
50 Schiller Street
Binghamton, NY
Sue Rapp
248 Noyes Road
Vestal, New York
Marena Gonz
26 Frederick Road
Binghamton, New York
Mary Sweeney
51 Chestnut St.
Windsor, NY
William Gonz
26 Frederick Road
Binghamton, New York 13901
Terry Cuddy
130 North St
Auburn, NY
Beth Cuddy
130 North St.
Auburn, NY
Roger Downs
Conservation Director
353 Hamilton Street
Albany, NY
Amy Kimmel Ph.D.
20 Juniper Street
Lockport, New York
John Stuhr Ph.D.
P.O. Box 771
Rock Stream, NY
james Spica radio broadcaster
Community Broadcaster
152 bloomer
lagrangeville, NY
Dan Page MS
515 E 72nd Street
New York, New York (NY)
Kelly Morris PhD
90 Lieb Rd
Spencer, NY
Stephen T Emlen PhD
Professor Emeritus
119 Eastlake Road
Ithaca, NY
Nancy Donnan Coleman RN,BSN
4690 White Road
Livonia, NY
R Seeley Ph.D.
332 Hurd Rd
Ithaca, NY
Mary Beth OConnor PhD
119 Middugh Road
Brooktondale, NY
Carlos Gardeazabal MA
137 Cambridge St Ap 2
Syracuse, New York
Susan M. Daum M.D.
16 East 96th Street #5A
New York, , NY
Taylor Peck MSW, LCSW
6315 States Road
Alpine, NY
Rick Bonney MPS
357 Decker Hill Road
Newfield, NY
Laura Stone RN, EdD
Stone Road
McGraw, NY
Charlotte Podolsky PhD
4 Spring Hollow
Roslyn, New York
John Abel PhD
1001 Taughannock Blvd
Ithaca, NY
Deborah Rifkin PhD
Associate Professor
43 N Applegate Road
Ithaca, NY
Carolyn Fellman PhD
15 Park St.
Moravia, ny
David Gould MD
15 Broad St. Apt 2126
New York, NY
David Barker Ph.D.
720 Weeks St.
Jamestown, New York
Susan Earl PT
1018 E. 5th Ave
Durango, CO
Beth Medvecky PhD
1233 Dryden Rd
Ithaca, New York
Beth Ellen Clark Joseph Dr.
Associate professor and chair
926 steam mill rd
Ithaca, Ny
John Anderson
P.O.Box 144
LaPorte, CO
Susan & Michael Stinson PhD
126 Hampshire Dr
Rochester, NY
Bridgett Wilson RN
po box 4224
Ithaca, Ny
Donald Mintz PhD
Professor emeritus
29 Whig Street
Trumansburg, New York
Barbara Usher PhD
144 Besemer Hill Rd
Ithaca, NY
Peter Robbins LCSW
1120 Chaffee RD
Arcade, New York
Virginia Brooks PhD
170 West End Ave
New York, New York 10023
Gregory Sullivan MD
60 W 85 St
New York, NY
Judith Lockwood MS CCC
3891 Stevens Road
Marcellus, NY
Marian Rose PhD
9 Old Corner Road 10506
Bedford, NY
Trudy Fitzsimmons
Vice President
111 Cassata Court
Kingas Park , New York
Brian Schrader Rev.
108 Foss St.
Biddeford, ME
Cynthia Connine PhD
16 wellington drive
endicott, ny
Dana Lynn PhD
Board Member
24 Compot St
Auburn, NY
Nancy Coddington MS
167 Conklin Forks Rd
Binghamton , NY
Marcia Jacobson PhD
925 Mitchell St., #3
Ithaca, NY
Cris McConkey
Resident, Southern Tier
402 Aiken Road
Trumansburg, NY
Julie Wityk MPH
560 W. 218th St.
New York, New York
Laura Jones Ph.D.
507 Cayuga Heights Road
Ithaca, NY
Stephanie Low
1215 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY
Candace Collmer PhD
608 E. Miller Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Kora Battig Dr
Faculty member
519 Cayuga Heights Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Brian Spako M.S.W.
2319 five mile road
Allegany, Ny
Kurt Seitz MRP
577 State Hwy 165
Cherry Valley, NY
Bernd Neumann MS
184 Slingerland Rd.
Howes Cave, NY
Kaye Chetwin LPN
69 Barton Road
Pennellville, NY
Ruth Van Dyke Ph.D.
74 Nelson Road
Vestal, NY
John and Sue Gregoire Gregoire PhD,MBA
Executive director, Senior Scientist
5373 Fitzgerald Rd
Burdett, NY
Christopher Kernan PhD
471 County Highway 40
Worcester, NY
Maria Luisa Tasayco PhD
Emeritus associate professor of Chemistry from CUNY
116 Pinehurst Ave, apt H43
New York , New York
Catherine Lewis PhD
242 Cedar Cove
Lansing, NY
Gloria Foster MSW
3906 Chatham Lane
Canandaigua, New York
Thdeodore Burger M.D.
3370 Woodbridge Cir
Bethlehem, PA
Ronald Schassburger Ph.D.
798 Elm Street Extension
ithaca, NY
Judith Fitzgerald Ph.D.
560 West 218th St. Apt. 6A
New York, New York
Marilyn Wienk Ph.D
274 Rosedale Street
Rochester, New York
Robert Warfield MS
118 Prospect St, 1M
Ithaca, NY
Walter Aikman PhD
17 LibertyStreet
Auburn, NY
Michael Gorr PhD
8 Deer Run
Skaneateles, NY
Jerry Ravnitzky
124 Hill Street
Mahopac, New York
Jane Welsh Esq.
7676 McCormick Rd
Hamilton, NY
Catherine Jones M.A.
3104 Smith Rd.
Hamilton, NY
helene weissman M.A.
102 tinker street
woodstock, new york
Jan Zeserson PhD
83 Maplewood Road
Ithaca, NY
Bethany Haswell
Owner, Stomping Grounds Art :: Books :: Gifts
492 Exchange St
Geneva, New York
Jean Naples MD-Ph.D.
Tropical Medicine Researcher
9 Benson Street
West Haverstraw, New York
Toby Stover Ms.
81 Clove Valley Road
High Falls, NY
Edward Price PhD
31 Walters Ave
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Leaf Turner Ph.D.
85 Autumn Ridge Circle
Ithaca, New York
Daniel McCormack MFA
13 Beehive Rd
Accord, NY
Stanley Scharf PhD
214 S. Hill Ter.
Ithaca, NY
Christopher Origer Ph.D.
26 Chadwick Road
Binghamton, NY
Marcia Knapp RN
8274 Kellogg St.
Clinton, NY
Nelson DuBois PhD
137 Palmer Rd.
Otego, NY
Susan Tarrow PhD
321 Strawberry Hill Circle #3
Ithaca, NY 14850
Sylvia Wulf
5 Ruthenbeck Road
Shandaken, NY
Maria Davidis PhD
101 Valley Road
Ithaca, NY
Starke Donnally
141 Clarke Street
Syracuse, New York
Paul Feeny PhD.
105 Devon Road
Ithaca, NY
Richard Eaton EMT, PSG,
3689 Number Nine Road
Geneva, New York
Dennis Higgins
592 County Route 5
Otego, NY
Matthew McCarty PE
1420 Ellis Hollow Rd
Ithaca, NY
Gail McDaniel MS Mathematics, Member Casualty Actuarial Society
375 Riverside Drive 5D
New York, New York
Linda Karl MSN, FNP
123 Robinson Stub Rd
Bainbridge, NY
matthew spano
235 elm street
Ithaca, NY
Barbara Kane Lewis MA
373 Bear Swamp Rd.
Chenango Forks, New York
Gret Atkin MA
West Yates St
Ithaca, NY
betsy bonsignore RN, LMT Business owner in NYS for 35 years plus.
1 e. pulteney st
corning, ny
Eric Watkins MSEd
106 Texas Lane
Ithaca, New York
Cora Yao RN, MSN
120 Utica St
Ithaca, NY 14850
Nari Mistry Ph.D.
Ellis Hollow Rd
Ithaca, NY
Barbara Nussbaum PhD
925 Mitchell Street, Apt. 1
Ithaca, NY
Br. Joseph kotula ofm
3621 Roberts rd
Westclarksville, NY
suzanne Bjick Ph.D
35 Elmwood Dr.
Apalachin, NY
Susan Soboroff MD
5200 Curry Rd.
Trumansburg, NY
ron wish mD
112 highmount ave
nyack, ny
Laureen Golden MEd, LISW
148 Troy Road
Ithaca, NY
Marlene Rubins M.S, M'S'W'
144-38 Union Turnpike
Flushing, NY
Lee Bailey PhD
700 Warren Rd
Ithaca, ny
Elizabeth Finnegan PhD
14 Robie Street
Buffalo, NY
Lennard Davis PhD
Distinguished Professor
702 Hanford Road
East Meredith, NY
Ann Stickel RN, BA
7 Redwood Ave
Whitesboro, NY
Sue Panetta M.Ed, MSW
6 Pleasant Street
Whitesboro, New York
Suzanne Carreiro LMSW
Hospice social worker
653 spencer rd
Ithaca, New York
Jennifer Schultz RN/BSN
56 edgebrook est. #7
cheektowaga, New York
Carl Arnold
Member, Sierra Club-Atlantic Chapter Executive Committee
510 Turk Road
East Meredith, New York
Peter Mott MD
57 S Main
Pittsford, NY
Mary Thuma RN
PO Box 613, 120 Pleasant Meadow Road
Cooperstown, NY
Aimee Arceo MLA
77 Cheshire Lane
East Amherst, NY
Lauren Shaw PhD
108 Taylor Place
Ithaca, NY
John Jongen Mr.
164 West Church Street
Fairport, New York
Edward Seus PhD chemist
6549 West Bluff Dr
Bluff Point, NY
James W. Hamilton PhD
Volunteer, Vice Chairman
1603 Slaterville Rd
Ithaca, NY - New York
Michelle Bamberger MS, DVM
1225 Hinging Post Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Gregory Weiland PhD
30 Torok Rd.
Groton, NY
Daniel Sullivan MS
585 Richfield Hill Road
Richfield Springs, NYrtfono HAIR
Norma Prendergast PhD
305 Ithaca rd.
Ithaca, , NY
Marie LoParco
2604 Carson Rd.
Cortland, NY
Kathleen Higgins RN BSN
76 Horatio St.4A
Celia Barnes RN, MSN
33 James St.
Dryden, NY
Asher Pacht MPA
20 Wilson Street
Beacon, NY
Leland Griffin, Jr.
2386 Mecklenburg Road
Trumansburg, New York
Diane Cox
593 Lever Hill Rd
Andover, New York
Jacquelyn Clinton PhD
1109 N Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY
The Rev. Nancy Lane M.Div, Ph.D.
186 Bower Rd
Elmira, NY
Nancy Cook PsyD
9501 Scott Road
Painted Post, NY
Gary Cox PhD
SUNY Geneseo Philosophy Dept (ret)
4881 Stone House Drive
Geneseo, NY
Dr. Steven Kaplan
Former Board Member
1673 Summit Street
Yorktown Heights, NY
Stuart Greenfield PhD
60 Johnson Road
Stone Ridge, NY
Elsje van Munster J.D.
5944 Powell Rd.
Conesus, NY
Sheila Driscoll RN
@105 West Genesee St
Syracuse, NY
Clarissa Farrell
6405 Boyd Hill Rd
Trumansburg, NY
Eileen Hamlin
Chair CANY/WFP of the Southern Tier
236 Kutalek Road
Kirkwood, NY
Jacob Robison Robison
NY Regional Director
92 1/2 Walnut Street
Binghamton, NY
Elsbette Grove MFA, ATR
8035 Hampton Road
Wolcott, NY
Doug Couchon PhD
109 Foster Avenue
Elmira, NY
Dr. Lois Patton
378 Shaffer Rd
Newfield, New York
Elizabeth Hull MS, FNP
1499 Mill Rd
Binghamton, NY
Matt Birkhold MA
757 Dekalb Ave #2
Brooklyn, NY
Ruth Young
204 Sayre Street
Horseheads, N.Y.
Jayne Port Ms. Ed.
246 Smith Rd
Newfield, NY
Jon Morris PhD
609 Torrance Ave.
Vestal, NY
Gail Flanery PhD
1137 Hedgewood Lane
Niskayuna, NY
Julie Mundt M.Ed.
P.O. Box 313
Newark Valley, NY
Kathleen Sterling PhD
405 Costley Rd
Vestal, NY
Dr. Hal Bauer Ph.D
8910 Story Road
Wayland, NY
James Meehan PE
17 Elm st
Binghamton, New York [NY]
Robin Lawson
241 Noyes Road
Vestal, New Yorrk
Pamela Smart PhD
220 West Hill Rd
Vestal, NY
Bette Ek Retired Professor Emerita
235 Prospect Hill Road
Horseheads, NY
John McClelland PhD
139 School St.
Mosherville, PA
kaitlin hascup RN
231 durfee hill rd.
ithaca, ny
gloria osborne RN, Grandmother
7768 straight rd.
springwater, ny
Joe Rosenstiel P. E.
15 Greenview Drive
Rochester, NY
Brendan O'Connor
Rt 28
Fly Creek, NY
Elizabeth Sanders Ph.D
16 The Byway
Ithaca, NY
Deborah Harper Ph.D.
77 Peruville Rd
Lansing , NY
Pat Roberts
134 Powderhouse Road
Vestal, NY
Theresa Chamberlin RN, C
147 Sheedy Road
Vestal, NY
Kathleen Barrett Taxpayer
5055 Van Zandt Rd.
Syracuse, NY
john testa PE
155 County Rte 50
morris, ny
lilly lei M.D.
783 brush hollow rd
bovina center, ny
Daina Leimanis RN
11 Stone Cut Off Road
Wendell, MA
Dwain Wilder
289 Rich's Dugway
Rochester, New York
Robert Moore
Past President
po box 725
farmingdale, nj
Peter Donovick PhD
4512 Radcliffe Blvd
Vestal, NY
David Gallahan PhD
Spencer Road
Ithaca, NY
Beth Olearczyk MD
87 Pioneer St.
Cooperstown, NY
Jeb Mead
306 Elm St
Ithaca, NY
Regi Teasley Ph.D.
201 Cliff Park Rd
Ithaca, NY
Joan Bozman
Marketing Manager
10249 Gibson Road
Hammondsport, New York
Lee Schwarting
past Pres. now active member
855 Co. Rd. #20
Smyrna, New York
Kay Ho Ph.D.
139 North Road
Saunderstown, RI
Jennifer Schwade PhD
28 Cemetery Lane
McLean, NY
donna every M.S., C.C.C.
428 boswell hill road
endicott, new york
Mark Baustian PhD
87 West Hill Road
Spencer, NY
Tawn Feeney M.A.
6198 Marrowback Rd.
Conesus, NY
Lindsay Hoyt
95 Piney Point Rd.
Boiceville, NY
Mary Roberts
782 Clark Street
Groton, NY
Rich Kellman M.A.
429 Arnold Road
Lisle, NY
Walter Jacobson MSW
4 Oak St, Apt 11
Binghamton, NY
nicole nevada LMT
589 chenango street
binghamton, new york
Elisabeth Meyer Ms
Associate Professor
41 Elm Street
Trumansburg, New York
Sandra Condry PhD
Licensed Psychologist
738 Sheldon Road
Freeville, NY
Che Woerner-Baysinger PhD
17 Hopkins
Unidilla, NY
Kendal Craig
2095 State Highway 206
Masonville, NY
Dennis Pixton PhD
312 Bradley Corners Rd
Madison, Connecticut
Sarah Gagnon PhD
2353 Spencer Road
West Danby, New York
stephen cross MFA
201 Vanida Drive
Camillus, NY
Donna Coon RN
53 Powers Road
Binghamton, New York
donna mundt RN, FNP
po box 187
newark valley, New York
Helene T Messner MS, RD, CDN
178 Ellis Hill Rd
Arkport, NY
Karen Juser LPN
64 Hardy Road
Johnson City, New York
Carol Linskey MA, ABD
Seminary Ave.
Binghamton, NY
Dave Elder
2005 Owego Road
Vestal, New York
John King
2517 Rhonda Dr.
Vestal (13850), NY
Louis Sebesta MFS
100 Grand Blvd. FL 2
Binghamton, NY
Sharon Fischer
1108 Airport Road
Binghamton, NY
Gene Sienkiewicz MD
3117 Knapp Rd
Vestal, NY
Theresa Matthews
2 John smith rd
Binghamton, NY
David Cingranelli Mr.
1349 Briarcliff Avenue
Vestal, NY
Edward Osiecki
18 W Hill Road
Vestal, NY
KC Ellis business owner
Treasurer RAFT, Residents Against Fracking Tioga
2140 Long Creek Road
Apalachin, NY
James Turner PhD
162 Mason Road
Vestal, NEW YORK
Connie Turner RN
162 Mason Road
Vestal, NEW YORK
Leslie Heywood PhD
513 S. Benita Blvd.
Vestal, NY
Patricia Donohue
21Exchange St., Apt #4E
Binghamton, New York
Linda Biemer PhD
65 Edelweiss Lane
Binghamton, NY
Mary Clark Msw
Regional director
3216 Metz ave
Endwell, Ny
Nicholas Kaldis Professor
Director of Chinese Studies, Binghamton University (SUNY)
305 Burd Drive
Vestal, NY
Albert Tricomi Ph.D.
2200Hemlock Ln
Vestal, NY
steve lewis
2 alida avenue
Lauren Ludwig
Vice President
18 1/2 High Street
Binghamton , New York