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Environmental Activism Campaign Summaries

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Letters to Gov. Cuomo asking him to rescind Dominion New Market Pipeline permit

Rescind the Dominion New Market pipeline permits immediately!!!!!

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
New York State Governor
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

Could new information derail the New Market pipeline?

Route of the Dominion gas pipeline south from Ellis Hollow Creek Road.
(Photo: Bill Chaisson)

With the state-spanning New Market Pipeline recently receiving the rubber stamps from the state necessary for it to move further ahead in the approval process, a local activist said he believes he has proof that contamination along the pipeline’s alignment in several locations – including in Tompkins County – could potentially derail the project.

Environmental activists raise new concerns after pipeline expansion approved

ITHACA — A gas pipeline running through Tompkins County has been approved for expansion, over what a local environmental firm calls serious concerns about pollution.

Ithaca Enviro. Firm Says Petroleum Spill Never Fully Cleaned

ITHACA (WENY)-- An Ithaca environmental database firm Toxics Targeting is accusing a pipeline company of not cleaning up a petroleum spill that happened decades ago. But Dominion Pipeline, who owns the land, says New York State never said they had an obligation to clean it up. Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting talked to the media today about an unknown petroleum spill which occurred decades ago. When the DEC Investigated the spill in the 90's, Hang says they didn't meet standards when cleaning it up.

Even More Powerful, Personalized Letters Which Request That President Obama Ban Improper Fracking Wastewater Dumping

Fracking waste water: This is the end of clean drinking water! Stop this please!


My name is Dorothy P and I live at __ St, Groton, New York.

I write because it is absolutely essential for our own clean drinking water in the future that we stop the disposal of fracking wastes. This is far more important than energy supply. We cannot drink water contaminated with fracked gas or oil wastes. Underground waste disposal of these radioactive and toxic wastes is a tragedy waiting to happen. Once they get into the groundwater, they cannot be cleaned up.

More Letters to President Obama - 1-3-2017

The hazards from Fracking to our environment and human health


Personalized Letters Which Request That President Obama Ban Improper Oil and Nat. Gas Wastewater Disposal

Ban Improper Natural Gas Wastewater Disposal


My name is Terry C and I live at __ Ave. in Auburn, New York. I am currently an Auburn City Councilor. I write today because five years ago, before I was elected, Auburn was one of the few municipalities in New York State that accepted natural gas drilling wastewater at its publicly-owned sewage treatment plant. In the New York Times article Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers written by Ian Urbina (published Feb. 26, 2011) my hometown was cited as a site that releases “treated” natural gas drilling wastewater into the Owasco Outlet. This raised several red flags especially when set against the current New York State moratorium on horizontal drilling in the Marcellus shale. Immediately a small group of concerned citizens including myself started asking local officials if this was true. The response was defensive and wrought with contentious assurances that this was permitted by the NYS DEC and was a safe practice. We were not assured that this was the case.

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure / Fracking Campaign 12-15 to 8-7-17

Please Fulfill Your 2012 State of the Union Promise by Banning Five Types of Outmoded Natural Gas and Oil Fracking Wastewater Disposal

December 19, 2016

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Obama:

You probably will not remember me, but this is Walter Hang. I was your colleague at New York Public Interest Research Group, Inc. circa 1985 when I was the Director of the Toxics Project and you were the Project Coordinator at City College of New York. It is an honor to congratulate you on all your success and to thank you for your historic public service.

Update on Your Incredibly Powerful Personalized Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Moratorium Letters

Greetings Fractivists,

I have been meaning to excerpt some of your incredibly Powerful Personalized Letters Which Request That Governor Cuomo DENY All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York.

Many of these heartfelt letters will bring tears to your eyes. I assure you that they really pack an advocacy wallop. "The pen is mightier than the sword."


Happy Holidays Fractivists,

I am thrilled to share stupendously great news about our powerfully effective campaign to safeguard New York from natural gas and oil extraction hazards.

Nationwide gas/oil production recently skyrocketed to the highest levels in 45 years due to shale fracking. As a result, America became the biggest gas/oil producer on the planet.


Local fractivists applaud efforts to reduce fossil fuel production


Local fractivists are applauding efforts that have significantly reduced fossil fuel production statewide over the past decade.

Walter Hang, President of the environmental firm Toxics Targeting, says gas and oil production in New York has plummeted.

Environmental Advocates Credit 'Fracktivists' for New York Gas, Oil Production Drop

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Environmental advocates are in high hopes after recent EPA documents were released.
The group Toxics Targeting says New York state has led the country in reducing gas and oil production for the last 8 years.

Thank You for Supporting Toxics Targeting's Miraculously Successful Campaign to Keep New York 100% Free of Shale Fracking and New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects

The coming months could well decide the fossil fuel fate of New York State for decades to come. This is when we really need to bear down.

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's miraculously successful campaign to safeguard New York from all types of shale fracking as well as new pipelines, gas storage facilities, compressor stations, power plants and other fossil fuel infrastructure monstrosities.


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