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Thank You for Supporting Toxics Targeting's Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Campaign/See Detailed Report/Great News Regarding Pennsylvania


I want to thank everyone who has supported Toxics Targeting's terrifically effective anti-fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure campaign. Your active involvement has powered a stunning array of sophisticated and highly successful advocacy and organizing efforts. As a result, we have played an unsurpassed role in prohibiting shale fracking in New York and killing nearly $5.0 billion so far in proposed pipelines, expanded gas storage and a compressed natural gas truck transfer facility.

What a nice job we have all done. Congrats. I commend your great work. Keep slugging.

Detailed Fossil Fuel Campaign Report

Given the generous support of so many individuals, families and other entities, I am please to provide a detailed Fossil Fuel Infrastructure / Fracking Campaign - 12-2015 to 10-2017 report that documents what your assistance has achieved.

The scope of our data research, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, coalition building and media outreach efforts is simply hard to believe. Thank you. The immense amount of work that we have undertaken demonstrates why our campaign is uniquely effective.

Thank you to all our amazing Contributors

Please donate generously to keep Toxics Targeting's Fossil Fuel Campaign going strong.

Virtually every dollar you contribute goes directly to support Toxics Targeting's work. Toxics Targeting has no development or fund-raising staff. We never host gala dinners, publish glossy magazines or sponsor cruises. We hire no consultants. Our small staff operates super efficiently on a shoestring budget. Nevertheless, my colleagues and I work extremely hard on your behalf and have achieved stunning victories.

I apologize for begging, groveling and pleading, but Toxics Targeting's Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Campaign literally cannot be conducted without your support.

Contributions of more than $1,000.00 can be tax-exempt. Please consider making a recurring contribution via PayPal.

The more support Toxics Targeting receives, the more powerfully effective work we are able to do.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to your suggestions: 800 286 9427.

Our Campaign is Benefiting Pennsylvania

You will be thrilled to learn that our fierce defense of New York's public health and environment is also benefiting our neighboring state of Pennsylvania.

The proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects that we have collectively battled to a standstill in New York would have vastly increased interstate transport of fracked natural gas from Pennsylvania to regional markets. Without that transport capacity, a huge glut of fracked gas in Pennsylvania caused natural gas commodity prices to plummet.

Pennsylvania's 2016 natural gas Impact Fee revenue has plunged 23% since 2013 according to the state's own data. In short, we are helping Pennsylvania's shale fracking boom go bust as existing production wells "play out" and new wells are not drilled or fracked due to rock-bottom natural gas commodity prices.

See: Impact Fee Update and 2017 Outlook

According to the Impact Fee Update:

"There are several large pipeline projects in development throughout Pennsylvania that are anticipated to connect gas production from the Marcellus to major demand markets in other states. This would provide support to regional prices, which have diverged dramatically from the Henry Hub price in recent years due to strong regional production gains, insufficient storage and pipeline capacity constraints."


Toxics Targeting's work has helped keep New York 100% free of shale fracking. Our efforts also were instrumental in killing an impressive array of fossil fuel infrastructure projects. As a result, natural gas production has plummeted to the lowest level in 40 years.

Now we are helping to achieve similar results in Pennsylvania. It is not too late to end shale fracking in the Keystone State.

Against that background, our campaign is the bane of the massive corporations that want to frack America and perpetuate the nation's addiction to polluting fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.

Our work is particularly important for Pennsylvania because, with all respect, groups in that state have not been able to replicate our successes in prohibiting shale fracking and blocking huge fossil fuel infrastructure projects. That is why the state got fracked.

Our goal is one for all, all for one. Thank you for your on-going support and dedicated advocacy efforts.

Please revel in our detailed campaign report below. These achievements are the culmination of 40 years of environmental advocacy experience. Thank you for all your help.

Each and every dollar you donate to Toxics Targeting is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Onward and upward.

Very best regards,


Fossil Fuel Infrastructure / Fracking Campaign - 12-2015 to 10-2017