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Important New Development in Our Campaign to Kill the Proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline

Watch a video which spells out our current plan of action:

See: Dominion New Market Pipeline: FERC Protest and Request for Issuance of Further Order on Complaint


I am thrilled to bring to your attention an important new development in our campaign to prevent FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) from granting wetland/waterbody protection variances and a "Notice to Proceed" for the proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Project.

A formal complaint was submitted last evening to FERC by three valiant intervenors in the original Dominion New Market Pipeline application proceeding that granted conditional approval for the proposed project.

This complaint could have major consequences in the outcome of the matter. It was included in the official record of the proceeding before Dominion's requested administrative actions could be authorized by FERC. I confirmed that with FERC today.

Thank you so much: Maryanne Adams (Conservation Chair, Member Board of Directors) and her colleagues at Onondaga Audubon Society, T. Michael Salter and Linda H. Salter.

FERC Complaint

The complaint requests that FERC address all of the concerns Toxics Targeting has documented to date, including a wide variety of Dominion Pipeline toxic spills, improper New Market Section 401 Water Quality Certification "blanket authorization," inadequate pollution remediation efforts at multiple existing facility locations, notably at the Borger Compressor Station site in Ithaca, and a fatally flawed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

None of these issues was raised in the original FERC proceeding. The complaint states:

"These new disclosures reveal that Dominion's original application was incomplete and FERC's conditional approval was improperly granted. As a result, we request that FERC: a) rescind its conditional approval, b) withhold granting any wetland and waterbody protection variances or a Notice to Proceed as requested by Dominion on 1/24/17, c) revoke Dominion's factually incorrect and fatally flawed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) and d) require Dominion's application to be corrected and resubmitted as a new matter.

Given the grave concerns documented herein, we respectfully request that our formal complaint receive both a comprehensive review and a final decision by a legally mandated quorum of FERC members as a new matter. Unless and until our request is fulfilled, we ask that FERC impose a legal stay in the Proposed Pipeline Project matter so that the 200-mile, $159 million initiative cannot proceed and cause irreparable harm to the environment and public health."

See: Dominion New Market Pipeline: FERC Protest and Request for Issuance of Further Order on Complaint

Steady As She Goes

We are working systematically to require FERC and Governor Cuomo to DENY any wetland/waterbody protection variances and a Notice to Proceed for the proposed project. We also request that they REVOKE a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that has documented fatal flaws, notably for the Borger Compressor Station site in Ithaca, NY.

Continue to call FERC: Refer to Docket Nos. CP14-497-000.

Ms. Sarah McKinley 202-502-6088,

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary of the Commission, 202 - 502 -8400 and

Cheryl A. LaFleur, Acting FERC Chair, 202 - 502 - 8961.

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