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Update on Your Incredibly Powerful Personalized Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Moratorium Letters

Greetings Fractivists,

I have been meaning to excerpt some of your incredibly Powerful Personalized Letters Which Request That Governor Cuomo DENY All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York.

Many of these heartfelt letters will bring tears to your eyes. I assure you that they really pack an advocacy wallop. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

I urge Fractivists from coast-to-coast to read these pithy excerpts in order to gain inspiration for our next round of personalized letters. More about that very shortly.

Heavy Pressure

In recent weeks, Governor Cuomo has received nearly 250 personalized letters which drive home our moratorium request. He also has been deluged by calls to his hotline.

Day after day, the Governor is being battered by a super-focused and sophisticated message echoed by some of the most respected academic scholars in the nation, farmers, physicians, attorneys, elected officials, parents, students, business leaders, educators, artists, environmentalists, health care professionals, property owners, philanthropists and concerned citizens from coast-to-coast.

The Governor has also endured a solid year of extremely critical media coverage for his fossil fuel infrastructure fiascoes.

That is heavy pressure. If the Governor were at all inclined to fulfill our respectful request, he would have done so long before now. That is why we must keep cranking up the heat.

Please note that your personalized letters to the Governor bounce because he ungraciously invalidated the email address that we used for years to communicate with him.

Fear not. Toxics Targeting compiles all your letters and submits them via Governor Cuomo's web form. We receive confirmation for each receipt.


Governor Cuomo could grant approvals ANY DAY for the proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project and Crestwood's new Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and expanded Methane Gas Storage facilities in Reading, NY.

We must make absolutely certain that does not happen.

Each day is a political eternity. We must push harder than ever. We must not take anything for granted. I will get back to you about that very soon.

Thank you for all your hard work. So far, so good. Onward and upward.

Happy Holidays,


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