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Dominion New Market Pipeline Project NOT Approved by DEC/Keep Cranking Out Personalized Letters/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo

Use our new personalized form letter to deluge Governor Cuomo with more requests that he DENY all state approvals for fossil fuel infrastructure projects. He has received nearly 200 letters in less than a week. Please fill in the blanks with a meaningful message. It need not be long.

Beat the bushes for more signatories to our: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

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I was nearly plunged into despair late Thursday night when a citizen activist sent out an alert that the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project had been approved. After all our hard work, that would have been a colossal bummer.

The approval assertion was forwarded by a few citizen list-servs and a blogger even though there was no public confirmation by the Department of Environmental Conservation or any news coverage of the reported decision.

FORTUNATELY, THE INFORMATION IS NOT TRUE. At my request, a key State Legislator spoke yesterday with top management at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and clarified the matter.

No DEC decision has been made on the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project and there is no timeline for doing so. This was confirmed today when someone spoke with the DEC permit manager in charge of the proposed project.

Keep Battling to Kill the Dominion New Market Pipeline: DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU DROP

Complex regulatory matters are extremely difficult for citizens to follow. Toxics Targeting has more than 40 years of professional experience working with state and federal regulatory rulemaking and permit proceedings in New York. That is why our meticulous advocacy and organizing efforts are powerfully effective.

The bottom line is that the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project could be approved any day, but the matter has yet to be decided.

I beseech you to take full advantage of each and every day to require Governor Cuomo to kill Dominion New Market pipeline, Crestwood gas storage and all other fossil fuel infrastructure projects in New York. Do not waste a moment.

If Governor Cuomo approves even one more fossil fuel project, it would be much harder to stop other proposed facilities, including, but not limited to: Millennium Eastern System Upgrade/Valley Lateral, Northern Access and Pilgrim pipelines, Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), Cricket Valley and Greenidge power plants and various crude oil facilities.

All for One, One for All

Activists battling all these projects must work together to require Governor Cuomo to adopt a moratorium on state approvals for fossil fuel infrastructure. We have to run the table and kill all of these proposals, as well as gelled propane fracking, in order to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels.

Write Governor Cuomo. Spell Out What You Want.

Keep writing Governor Cuomo using our self-explanatory new personalized form letter.

Never send in a blank form communication. Write something pithy in the blanks to drive home your request. Show you care.

Include every credential you have. Be respectful, but feel free to throw your weight around.

Keep Calling Governor Cuomo during business hours at 518 474 8390. Make good arguments. Engage the operators. Tie them into the Gordian Knot.

Echo This Sophisticated Message

Respectfully tell Governor Cuomo that approving more pipelines, compressor stations and gas storage facilities would be "irresponsible." This is generally the strongest language that you can use in polite public policy discourse.

Promise to hold the Governor accountable. Tell him that you will never forgive or forget if he fails to fulfill your requests.

Inform Governor Cuomo that you would consider him a climate-change hypocrite if he approves any fossil fuel monstrosities in New York.

The existing Dominion Pipeline has already caused extensive toxic contamination problems that were never cleaned up by DEC. It would be improper to expand that polluting pipeline.

The Crestwood/US Salt facility in Reading, NY has repeatedly contaminated Seneca Lake, the source of drinking water for 100,000 residents. That facility has been sanctioned by two DEC consent orders and fined a total of $57,500.00. It would be an outrage for the Governor to expand gas storage operations at the polluted site.


Each day is a political eternity. Find and organize new Fractivists. Be a force-multiplier. Do not take anything for granted.

New York's fossil fuel fate hangs in the balance. If Governor Cuomo had any inclination to kill the Dominion or Crestwood projects, he would have done so long before now.

We have to crank up the heat. No rest for the weary. Either we win or go down slugging. Give it everything you have got. No excuses.

Check out below our hard-hitting news coverage since this campaign began. Keep working hard.

Thanks so much.

More very shortly.

Very best regards,


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