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How Far We Have Come/Keep Calling and Writing Governor Cuomo to Kill Dominion New Market and Crestwood Gas Storage/More Important News Very Shortly

Thank You!

I want to thank each and every person who has been willing to donate generously to keep our uniquely effective campaign moving forward each and every day. Without your amazing support, our campaign simply would not be possible.

Thank you also for so many kind thoughts:

"Hi-I have a low income and never donate to anything. But i did to you! Our beautiful FLX [Finger Lakes] need to be protected and your organization has made such a difference doing that!"

"All success to our efforts, thank you for what you do it is VITAL..."

"Thank you for your relentless effort."

Hear, Hear. It is an honor for my colleagues and me to work with you in the public interest. We are laboring night and day not to let you down.


Against that background, I want to share more statewide National Public Radio (NPR) coverage received by our fossil fuel infrastructure campaign last week. Thank you, Karen DeWitt.

See: Dominion Defends Pipeline As Necessary For New York's Electric Needs

First, this piece underscores that the massive Dominion New Market Expansion Project could proceed any day if it receives "minor" air discharge permit approvals. We must require Governor Cuomo, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency or the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to rescind a ridiculously inappropriate Section 401 "blanket approval" Water Quality Certification granted by the Department of Environmental Conservation last January.

Second, and arguably even more importantly, the NPR piece underscores that before our fossil fuel infrastructure campaign got rolling last December, giant pipelines were routinely approved all over New York. Your hard work changed that.

In recent years local activists, Green Groups and "high-profile" celebrities failed to halt the Spectra and AIM natural gas pipelines or the CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) and Cricket Valley gas-fired power plants in downstate New York. A year ago, local groups repeatedly warned that the Constitution Pipeline could be approved any time.

Our super-focused, hard-hitting 24/7 campaign played a key role in killing the Constitution Pipeline by employing the same sophisticated research, advocacy, organizing and coalition building efforts that were instrumental in stopping shale fracking dead in its tracks in New York, at least for now.

We have developed an incredibly effective campaign model unmatched anywhere in America. Many thanks to everyone who has helped with the heavy lifting.

See our amazing newsclip compilation: Fossil Fuel / Fracking Campaign 12-15 to 9-16

Keep flooding Governor Cuomo with calls during business hours at 518 474 8390 to kill all fossil fuel infrastructure projects proposed in New York.

We must take nothing for granted. We are not out of the woods by any means.

A. Tell the Governor to kill the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project and proposed Crestwood/Stagecoach gas storage facilities because he cannot claim to be a climate change leader if he approves more giant infrastructure projects that would perpetuate New York's addiction to fossil fuels for decades to come.

B. Request that Governor Cuomo adopt an immediate statewide moratorium on approvals for pipelines, power plants, storage facilities and other fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Use our self-explanatory letter to require Governor Cuomo to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certifications required for the proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline and other fossil fuel infrastructure projects to be built

Onward and upward. Keep calling and writing. Each day is an eternity in politics.