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Check out the Huge Banner Headline for an Article That Reports our Pipeline Research and Successful Organizing Efforts/Keep Calling Governor Cuomo/Tree Clearing Already Underway in PA

Please become a signatory to our IMPORTANT NEW: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels

Use this Quick Action Guide to kill the Constitution Pipeline as well as all other fossil fuel pipelines, power plant conversions and infrastructure projects proposed in New York.


Governor Cuomo still has not provided a favorable reply to our well-documented request that he require his Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification required for the proposed Constitution Pipeline to be built.

I implore you to keep phone banking the Governor. Every call counts.

The Governor is facing intensifying pipeline opposition. Check out the HUGE Gas Pipeline Banner Headline that just ran on the front pages of all three major papers in the heart of New York's proposed shale fracking region (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, Ithaca Journal and Elmira Star-Gazette).

Headlines do not get much bigger than this: Gas Pipeline Infrastructure feeds demand, but causes distress for some

Tom Wilber's massive article reports our documentation of 114 pipeline explosions, fires, ruptures and toxic discharges using DEC's own data, including many water quality violations that were never cleaned up to state standards.

He also reports our wonderful State of the State Rally and the effectiveness of our grassroots organizing campaign.

Enjoy the rally video if you have not seen it: 2016 State of the State Kill the Pipelines Rally

Tom's impressive piece was carried all over the nation and as far away as Singapore. Congrats, Tom.

Constitution Pipeline Still Lacks Critical Section 401 Water Quality Certification Required for Construction

Massive tree clearing for the proposed Constitution Pipeline is now underway in Pennsylvania in an effort to "jump the gun" on construction which has not received all regulatory approvals in New York.

I implore you to help make sure that Governor Cuomo requires his DEC to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification required for the construction of the proposed 124-mile long pipeline. That would kill the proposed pipeline dead.

Use our latest Quick Action Guide and keep calling Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390. The Section 401 Water Quality Certification could be granted any day. It is now or never.

Be a Force Multiplier

Help build our coalition. We must beat the bushes for at least 1,000 signatories in order to preserve the dignity of our coalition letter effort. The more the merrier.

See Map of the proposed Constitution and other pipeline routes. Persuade elected officials, residents and groups in every town along those routes to become signatories. Ask them to deluge the Governor with calls.

Lean on Big Green Groups to join the fight. Promise to withhold contributions and hold them accountable if they do not kill all the pipelines. No sitting on the sidelines allowed.

If the Constitution Pipeline is granted a Section 401 WQC, it would set a horrific precedent for the New Market and Northeast Energy Direct proposed pipelines that are not as far along in obtaining regulatory approvals.

That is why winning the Constitution Pipeline fight is the key to killing all fossil fuel pipelines, compressor stations and other infrastructure projects in our state that require Section 401 WQCs.

Achieving those goals would help end New York's addition to fossil fuels. That is the purpose of our new coalition letter. Please become a signatory today: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels

Keep slugging. Thanks so much for all your immense help. Much more very shortly.



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