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Please Take Urgent Action: The Coming Week Could Determine the Fate of Shale Fracking in New York State/The Seven Days Until the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Will be a "Political Eternity"


In seven days, New Yorkers will vote in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. The outcome of that election could very well determine the fate of Marcellus Shale fracking in our state. That is why I write you today.

I implore all Democrats to cast their votes next Tuesday for the candidate of their choice. Equally importantly, I request that each and every Fractivist do everything in their power to maximize voter turn-out across New York on 9/9/14. Each vote will be super important.

Key Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Have Diametrically Opposed Shale Fracking Positions

Fractivists have an absolutely clear choice between the two key Gubernatorial candidates on the ballot. Zephyr R. Teachout and Andrew M. Cuomo could not have more diametrically opposed shale fracking positions.

Zephyr Teachout signed our coalition letters to halt the DOH "review" and withdraw the Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS). She also publicly vowed to ban shale fracking on her first day in office if elected. She has repeatedly met with Fractivists from all over New York and asked for their votes.

Andrew Cuomo supports shale fracking, but has not been able to make a final decision to permit shale fracking to begin because we have successfully blocked completion of his secret Department of Health "review" and his outdated Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).
Until both those proceedings are finished, New York's more than six-year de facto shale fracking moratorium continues in full force. That is why not one shale gas production well has ever been fracked in New York.

Fractivists Have Seven Days to Take Urgent Action

Your help is critically important. The Primary outcome will be determined by the relatively small fraction of all registered Democrats who show up to vote. Here is how you can help win the day:

First, decide which Democratic Gubernatorial candidate you wish to support.

Please note that Zephy Teachout is running with Lieutenant Governor candidate, Tim Wu. Andrew Cuomo is running with Kathy Hockul.

Second, take action each waking moment until the polls close next Tuesday:

A. VOLUNTEER FOR THE CAMPAIGN OF YOUR CHOICE. Time is of the essence. Do it without delay.

B. Write a big check. Contribute as much as you can. Dig deep. It is now or never.


D. ORGANIZE EVERY FRIEND, COLLEAGUE, FAMILY MEMBER AND GROUP YOU KNOW TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY ALL VOTE ON PRIMARY DAY. Each and every Fractivist should get at least 50 voters to the polls. Leave no stones unturned.

E. Festoon your community with lawn signs.

F. Pitch, Pitch, Pitch. Knock on doors. Talk to your neighbors. Hold house meetings.

G. Distribute door hangers, flyers, campaign materials and palm cards.

H. Phone-bank potential voters.

I. Pull together campaign events. Bring your signs. Post pics and videos.

J. Generate endorsements.

K. Give senior citizens and college students rides to the polls.

L. Get Out Bright and Early on Primary Day. Electioneer Morning, Noon and Night at Every Polling Location.

M. Generate favorable press coverage at every opportunity.

Down the Homestretch They Come

Zephyr Teachout visited Ithaca for a second time on 8/21/14. She met with many prominent current and former elected City, Town, County and Village officials, Fractivists and other seriously important local notables. She also took the bucket challenge. Her presentation reportedly was very well-received.

Zephyr Teachout accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It is crucial to understand that Andrew Cuomo has demonstrated zero inclination to block shale fracking in New York for more than four years. He easily could have halted his secret DOH "review" and his outdated Draft SGEIS as more than 50,000 signatories to our various coalition letters respectfully requested. Alternatively, he could have adopted a shale fracking ban.

He failed to take any of those actions. His record speaks for itself. There can be no doubt about where he stands.

Given Andrew Cuomo's staunch refusal to fulfill our coalition letter requests despite extraordinarily well publicized criticism, New Yorkers must assume that he remains dedicated to doing everything he can to permit shale fracking in New York.


According to the latest Time Warner Cable/Siena College poll, a majority of Southern Tier/Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley voters (51%) now opposes shale fracking for the first time ever:

Andrew Cuomo remains increasingly vulnerable to public pressure on this issue. Please maximize your efforts to kill both the DOH "review" and Draft SGEIS by calling and emailing him incessantly. Also request that a comprehensive shale fracking Public Health Impact Study to be conducted openly and transparently.

If these goals can be achieved, shale fracking would not be permitted in New York for years to come and likely would never be allowed if we can adopt strict liability, private right of legal action and financial surety safeguards. Our work would provide a successful model of effective action that could be replicated in every state where shale fracking is underway or proposed.

Albany: 518-474-8390

New York City: 212-681-4580

Binghamton: 607-721-8367

Tweet Andrew Cuomo: @NYGovCuomo

Facebook him:

Onward and upward during the next week. Don't stop till you drop. Big Finish!!!

Very best regards,


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P. S. Last, but not least, please find more signatories to our latest Halt the DOH "review" and Draft SGEIS coalition letter because both proceedings are totally outdated and lack any current scientific data:

We are nearly up to 2,200 signatories and have received extensive press coverage

Request that every group you work with become a signatory and forward the coalition letter to their membership list-serv.

Ask every elected official who represents you to sign.

There is really no excuse for not signing. If you peruse the signatories, you can see that this strategy is endorsed by Zephyr Teachout, Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Howie Hawkins, leading activists who also want to ban fracking, criminalize fracking, support home rule, halt natural gas infrastructure, prevent natural gas export, develop sustainable alternatives and adopt practically every other public health and environmental protection strategy you can think of.