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Help Clean Up Cayuga Lake NOW!!!/Urgent Citizens Alert


Local citizens have waged a grueling 14-year campaign to save Southern Cayuga Lake from irreparable pollution harm. The culmination of that effort might be at hand. I write to implore you to do all you can to help us safeguard the future of our incredibly precious and beleaguered lake.

Please sign this self-explanatory coalition letter and ask everyone you know to sign it too:

Cayuga Lake's Pollution Hazards

Cayuga Lake is inundated each summer with massive algae and aquatic weed infestations that clog virtually the entire area in front of Stewart Park from the east shore to the west shore. This pollution, combined with high levels of turbidity (suspended silt) and bacteria, has prevented public bathing at the park since the early 1960s.

Historic photo of Ithacans swimming at Stewart Park:

Photos of Cayuga Lake's algae and weed problems:

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