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Cuomo to visit Binghamton Wednesday AM/Please Show up at the Binghamton Airport 9:00 AM/SW corner of the parking lot


I write you this evening with a profound sense of purpose.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who has inexplicably refused every reasonable request to address in a meaningful way the public health and environmental consequences of Marcellus Shale gas fracking in New York, will be at the Binghamton Airport at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 12/5/12).

New Coalition Letter Gains 1,400+ Signatories/Revised Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal Posted/More Press Coverage


Thanks for all of your incredible help in the last 24 hours. A lot has changed. I write to bring you up-to-date.

The NEW COALITION LETTER which requests that Governor Cuomo terminate DEC's revised shale gas rulemaking proceeding and restart the SGEIS already has gained more than 1,400 signatories. That is excellent. We have never gained so many signatories so quickly. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Beat the bushes for signatories.

Sign the letter by clicking this link:

New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking/Restart SGEIS


All hands on deck!!!

If you are super busy, read no further and just sign this NEW COALITION LETTER:

Today is the deadline for completing DEC's shale gas regulatory rulemaking proceeding. DEC has reportedly filed a Notice of Revised Rulemaking for a 90-day extension, but has not yet released its revised regulatory proposal.

Happy Thanksgiving/Clearing up Confusion about the DOH Health Impact Analysis Review


Isn't it heartening to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving without shale gas fracking in New York State. I am enthralled. Thank you for all your assistance.

It now appears that the shale gas fracking moratorium will continue for at least a little while longer as Department of Health (DOH) Commissioner Shah and three outside experts conduct a "review" of the public health impact analysis in DEC's Revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).

Lots going on/another day with no shale gas fracking in NYS

Unplugged Abandoned Well

I write to bring you up to date on recent shale gas developments. Thankfully, there is still no agreement on permitting shale gas fracking in New York. Every day we keep that from happening is critical. Keep slugging.

Be sure to VOTE TODAY/Unplugged and Abandoned Well Safety Concerns


This is a last minute alert for every activist concerned about Marcellus Shale gas hazards to VOTE TODAY, particularly residents of the Southern Tier. Please make sure that everyone you know votes. Every single vote could be crucial.

Check out some radio spots by NYRAD (New York Residents Against Drilling) that will air 25 times today on local Binghamton radio:

Unplugged and Abandoned Gas/Oil Wells Map Alert


I am pleased to note that almost three years ago to this very day, I first began to publicize DEC's botched regulation of gas and oil extraction activities using the agency's own records. Thank you for all your help with that effort.

When Marcellus Shale gas fracking was originally proposed, DEC asserted that: "As a result of New York's rigorous regulatory process, the types of problems reported to have occurred in states without such strong environmental laws and rigorous regulations haven't happened here.”

Really Important Development/Take Immediate Action Today to Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS


I feel very fortunate to alert you to an extremely important development in our three-year Marcellus Shale Gas Campaign. As you will see below, I just released a video as well as extensive documentation of egregious gas and oil regulatory failures by DEC's Division of Mineral Resources based on a review of 25 years of its Annual Reports and other government information.

Bad fracking deals looming?/Critical period at-hand


Pressure continues to intensify on Governor Cuomo regarding his final decision on shale gas fracturing in New York State. Events occur almost daily now that hound him on this issue. The critical question is how he will respond.

In short, the four-year de facto Marcellus Shale gas fracking moratorium is still holding, but for how long no one knows. That is why I write today.

Historic Event in Binghamton/Thanks so much


I want to thank everyone who showed up in Binghamton on Tuesday to support Dan Lamb as he literally signed the coalition letters requesting that the Marcellus Shale Revised Draft SGEIS be Withdrawn and that Governor Cuomo not permit any shale gas fracturing demonstration project in the Southern Tier or anywhere else in New York State.

Final Fracking Decision?/Governor Cuomo's top 1,000 Campaign Contributors Asked to Oppose Reported Southern Tier Fracking Demo Project


Troubling rumors continue to swirl that Governor Cuomo could soon make a final decision regarding shale gas fracturing in New York State. There is no way for us to know what might be looming, but our efforts are nevertheless kicking into high gear. It might be now or never.

Adoption of local pro-fracking resolutions opposed in all five Fracking Demo Project counties and total of 33 municipalities


I write to thank all the activists who wrote to request that their local government officials "adopt no resolutions or public policies at this time supporting Marcellus Shale gas extraction." Those letters have been sent to all five county legislatures in the reported Fracking Demonstration Project area and a total of 33 municipalities. Great work. Pour it on.

Multiple favorable replies have been received:

Impressive Beginning/More letters urgently needed to oppose local pro-fracking resolutions


As I earlier brought to your attention, The New York Times reported on 6/13/12 that: "Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's administration was pursuing a plan to limit fracking to portions of several struggling upstate New York counties along the border with Pennsylvania, and to permit it only in communities that express support for the technology (emphasis added)."


Thanks/More info regarding opposing local pro-fracking resolutions


Thank you for the amazing response to my request that at least one resident of every Town, Village, City and County in the Fracking Demonstration Project area reported by The New York Times write to request that their local officials "adopt no resolutions or public policies at this time supporting Marcellus Shale gas extraction."

I believe letters have already been sent to more than 50 local entities. Pour it on. Send the letters ASAP. Please keep me apprised. I will post a tally to avoid redundancy.

Urgent: Letter requesting that localities pass no pro-fracking resolutions


I recently wrote that activists must take immediate action to block pro-fracking resolutions or public policies from being adopted by local authorities in the five counties identified in a reported Marcellus Shale Fracking Demonstration Project: Chenango, Broome, Tioga, Chemung and Steuben.