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Government Officials Please Sign a Coalition Letter Requiring Public Participation for the DOH Review/Assessment

Busy Government Officials, please sign this critically important coalition letter requiring public participation for the DOH Review/Assessment of DEC's "health impact analysis:"


First and foremost, I hope that you are enjoying your holidays very much and counting your blessings.  We have all come much farther than anyone would have thought possible four years ago.  We have an enormous amount to be grateful for. 

Fracking Moratorium Still Holding/Pushing HARD for DOH Review Public Participation

Too busy for words? Use this Quick Action Guide:

Happy Holiday Greetings To One and All!!!

First and foremost, I want to underscore once again that not a single shale gas well has ever been fracked in New York. Despite four and a half years of overwhelming pressure from the biggest corporations on the planet, that citizen achievement stands in stark contrast to the rest of our nation's long, regrettable history of extraction mining pollution.

Immediate Action Alert


The New York State Department of Health is undertaking a woefully inadequate Review of DEC's "health impact analysis" in the Revised Draft SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement).

The DOH Review is being conducted in total secrecy without any public participation. See press:

Oppose extraordinarily weak proposed DOH Review plan/Urgent help needed


We are pushing full force to require full public participation in the Department of Health's ludicrously inadequate Review of DEC's "health impact analysis."

We got more press yesterday:

I am grateful for the dozens of communications that have been sent to members of the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel. These moving and nicely drafted letters are evidently having an incredible impact in the faces of misleading "canned" responses.

Fracking Advisory Panel Letter/Keep Pushing/One less day to prevent fracking in NYS


Please accept my gratitude for the incredible response to yesterday's alert.  We are one day closer to Governor Cuomo's potential deadline of 2/27/13 for making a decision to permit shale gas fracking in New York, but we made important progress today.  I implore you to keep pushing hard.

Emergency Action Alert: NYS' fracking fate could be decided in the next 79 days

See formatted alert:

Too busy to read about what is going on? Click this Immediate Action Alert:


It has been a truly tumultuous ten days. Thanks for all your help. I write today because the chips are down. We are all in. It is do or die.

The Cuomo administration announced that it hopes to decide whether to permit shale gas fracking in New York by 2/27/13. That is only 79 days away.

In order to meet that deadline, the Cuomo Administration faces an extraordinarily tough PROCEDURAL challenge. It would likely have to:

a) complete its DOH Review of the "health impact analysis" in DEC’s Revised Draft SGEIS;
b) adopt a Final SGEIS; and
c) finish DEC's Revised Rulemaking proceeding.

The weakest link in this plan is the completion of the DOH Review. That Review is being undertaken in total secrecy with no public participation. It is imperative that it be delayed, scrapped or sent back to the drawing board for extended comment.

Immediate Action Alert


The New York State Department of Health is undertaking a woefully inadequate Review of DEC's "health impact analysis" in the Revised Draft SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement).

The DOH Review is being conducted in total secrecy without any public participation. See press:

If the DOH Review is completed, a Final SGEIS and DEC's Revised shale gas Rulemaking proposal could both be adopted by 2/27/13. DEC has stated that it hopes to complete all three undertakings by that rulemaking deadline.


I. Please use this simple self-explanatory letter to require DEC Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel members (starting with Sinding, Goldstein, RFK, Jr. and Rob Moore) to rectify the total lack of public participation in the DOH Review proceeding.

See formatted version of the letter below:

Cuomo to visit Binghamton Wednesday AM/Please Show up at the Binghamton Airport 9:00 AM/SW corner of the parking lot


I write you this evening with a profound sense of purpose.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who has inexplicably refused every reasonable request to address in a meaningful way the public health and environmental consequences of Marcellus Shale gas fracking in New York, will be at the Binghamton Airport at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 12/5/12).

New Coalition Letter Gains 1,400+ Signatories/Revised Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal Posted/More Press Coverage


Thanks for all of your incredible help in the last 24 hours. A lot has changed. I write to bring you up-to-date.

The NEW COALITION LETTER which requests that Governor Cuomo terminate DEC's revised shale gas rulemaking proceeding and restart the SGEIS already has gained more than 1,400 signatories. That is excellent. We have never gained so many signatories so quickly. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Beat the bushes for signatories.

Sign the letter by clicking this link:

New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Terminate Shale Gas Rulemaking/Restart SGEIS


All hands on deck!!!

If you are super busy, read no further and just sign this NEW COALITION LETTER:

Today is the deadline for completing DEC's shale gas regulatory rulemaking proceeding. DEC has reportedly filed a Notice of Revised Rulemaking for a 90-day extension, but has not yet released its revised regulatory proposal.

Happy Thanksgiving/Clearing up Confusion about the DOH Health Impact Analysis Review


Isn't it heartening to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving without shale gas fracking in New York State. I am enthralled. Thank you for all your assistance.

It now appears that the shale gas fracking moratorium will continue for at least a little while longer as Department of Health (DOH) Commissioner Shah and three outside experts conduct a "review" of the public health impact analysis in DEC's Revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).

Lots going on/another day with no shale gas fracking in NYS

Unplugged Abandoned Well

I write to bring you up to date on recent shale gas developments. Thankfully, there is still no agreement on permitting shale gas fracking in New York. Every day we keep that from happening is critical. Keep slugging.

Be sure to VOTE TODAY/Unplugged and Abandoned Well Safety Concerns


This is a last minute alert for every activist concerned about Marcellus Shale gas hazards to VOTE TODAY, particularly residents of the Southern Tier. Please make sure that everyone you know votes. Every single vote could be crucial.

Check out some radio spots by NYRAD (New York Residents Against Drilling) that will air 25 times today on local Binghamton radio:

Unplugged and Abandoned Gas/Oil Wells Map Alert


I am pleased to note that almost three years ago to this very day, I first began to publicize DEC's botched regulation of gas and oil extraction activities using the agency's own records. Thank you for all your help with that effort.

When Marcellus Shale gas fracking was originally proposed, DEC asserted that: "As a result of New York's rigorous regulatory process, the types of problems reported to have occurred in states without such strong environmental laws and rigorous regulations haven't happened here.”

Really Important Development/Take Immediate Action Today to Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS


I feel very fortunate to alert you to an extremely important development in our three-year Marcellus Shale Gas Campaign. As you will see below, I just released a video as well as extensive documentation of egregious gas and oil regulatory failures by DEC's Division of Mineral Resources based on a review of 25 years of its Annual Reports and other government information.